How to Increase your Hotel Digital Visibility?

How to Increase your Hotel Digital Visibility?

The more your hotel appears in search results the more you are likely e to increase your bookings. In this blog I will provide you with 6 Tips  that will enhance your hotel digital visibility and presence.

1-Data Providers.

Team up or partner with : Data providers or apps to provide you with flights that are early booked or cancelled or delayed or people who want to change their travel direction and people contact info.  to connect with them  . In order not just to boost your ads exposure but also connect with them directly, personalize your connection ,by calling them or contacting them via whatsapp…Partner with Google flights, momondo , ITA matrix, Hipmunk, flight search direct ,skyscanner, Airhelp, Destigogo , flymble live…And do not confine your hotel to be an airport hotel to do this type of action.

2- RankBrain by Google.

Optimize for Rankbrain by google through creating  unique content that are relevant to your target audience; it’s  good here to target women , solo travelers , older people….


Share your content  with websites like ,, ,, Taptag

4- ???

Don’t forget to use these apps in your ads campaign so you can target millenials everywhere. Use Line , shots , kik and Viber also to post your ads to public..

5- Team-Up with these apps.

If you team up with these apps you can enrich your ads campaign.

  • for finding your next room mate.
  • Hitlyst for twitter  to know more about people interests trends and verified accounts and influencers.
  • Babbler to get to know more about influencers.
  • to know everything about your competitors.
  • You can check OTAs  and competitors website closely like to know unsatisfied guests and connect with them directly on their whatsapp…again not just emails or …..

6- Locate your Hotel indirectly

And to Increase your hotel digital presence indirectly locate your hotel by locating its restaurant,ballroom ,spa , beauty salon,Meeting room… like; Zomato , localeats, and also yelp, , ….


Remember you can always consult me at any time about your hotel or business .You are more than welcome . Let me share you your success story.

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5 Amazing Tips For Hotels that will Radically Increase their Profits.

5 Amazing Tips For Hotels that will Radically Increase their Profits.

Hotels & Resorts

These Tips should be added on  each and every hotel or accommodation provider postings via their social media channels or can be placed on your hotel website or your Advertisements.These tips and messages should result in :

1- Better Market Position .

2- Gradually Minimize your rely on Online Travel Agencies.

3- Radically increase your hotel Profits .

The 5 tips are :

A- Unique Selling Points (USP).

Talk about your hotel or resort unique selling points that will distinguish your hotel from other competitors.In your posting communicate things most of people care about and of great interest to them; like

  • Serving organic food .


  • Specialized people dedicated to help people with disabilities or special needs.


  • A team or a accompany mate for solo-travelers who want  to enjoy trips with people who share relevant  interests or  a companion who can provide them with great experience.


  • Providing special tools and high tech ones  for older people that would enhance their stay and make it enjoyable.

Ofcourse, thoughts are endless but these are some to enrich your posting exposure. Please keep in mind that you as a hotelier should  progressively Add and change in your hotel USPs.

B- Your Loyalty Program.

Always and on a  continuous basis communicate your loyalty program benefits and privileges to win over other rivals loyalty programmes and their privileges .And here it’s good to mention that don’t just stick your outstanding privileges to discounts like 20% but broaden them …

C-  24/7   .

In our current era and strong competitors you should be available at any point of time to serve people. So state that in your posts; tell them that you have 24/7 service.You can answer their inquiries , help them in the booking process and  respond to their requests ….

D- Fast & Secure.

Everybody likes to see this message because we all care about time and secure payment.It will also stop shifting guests from going to an opponent or leaving your site.

E- Direct Booking.

It’s been so clear that people are heading to make their bookings via online travel agencies like Tripadvisor , , Priceline , Tablet ,Trivago , Expedia, Orbitz…It’s because they lack the information that if they book directly through your hotel website they will get the same price with extra amenities and they will also become a member of your Hotel loyalty Program that has exclusive privileges or additional privileges….

Note: if you are as a hotelier not using the mentioned strategy or a different one I advise you to start applying it due to its powerful results.

These were just some tips out of  multiple and multiple tips and messages that should me added to hotels and accommodation providers postings to strengthen their market position and to profoundly increase their direct  profits.

Remember you can always consult me at any time about your hotel or business .You are more than welcome . Let me share you your success story.

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Grow your Hotel Direct Bookings & Beat Alternative Accommodations like Airbnb

Webinar Blog:  Grow your Hotel Direct Bookings & Beat Alternative Accommodations like Airbnb…


When you join me, you’ll learn :

  • How to optimize the strength of  direct booking, attract people to your hotel’s website, turn lookers into bookers, and get repeated guests.


  • How to Overcome Online Travel Agencies new strategies and moves like buying more channel managers and How to bypass rate-parity agreements with them .


  • Conquering alternative accommodations competition  like Airbnb.


  • Creating a profitable season all the year ; there will be no such thing like high or  low season.I will provide you with other tactics and how to apply them  in addition to what is in my blog about increasing your hotel occupancy all the year.


  • Turning social media Followers into Bookers .Building Successful attracting Social media Pages for Hotels; What and how information and images your social media pages  should provide to followers   ( we are done with the old images like having a reputed chef ….this doesn’t attract guests to your hotel anymore).


  • How to make your Hotel website Generate Profits?How to build and design it?I will provide you with what information and how to place it, what changes to make and when and  more….


  • The most Effective and latest  Best  hotel softwares for quick, easy  and profitable  Results from A to Z, You will not hear from  me saying OPERA or EZEE or….


  • Overcoming High Cancellation rates ; giving you  actions to conduct that  would decrease it to the lowest rate.


  • Boosting your hotel score on tripadvisor and other scoring platforms.


  • Generating  Profits with NEW   Strategic streams of Income other than franchising and Mergers & Acquisitions.


  • Positioning your Hotel ahead of competition,I will provide you with methods, tools, and techniques.


  • AND MORE .


Hotels  & Resorts  OWNERS , Managers , Investors and Hospitality Solutions Providers will benefit and enrich their knowledge to reflect it on boosting their hotels  profits , reviews and overall performance.


The Webinar Date  will be held  on Tuesday , December 5 , 2017.//  At 7 p.m. (Eastern Time).

Webinar Duration : two hours and a half.


Webinar Cost : 840$.

For Money Transfer Details Contact me via Whatsapp:+962795116324.


How to Increase Hotel Occupancy Rate During All Seasons ?

How to Increase Hotel Occupancy Rate During All Seasons ?


High season, low season, shoulder season, weak season , or we had a bad season…. I wonder tell when we will keep on operating and pricing according to seasons , and thus occupancy is defined accordingly ?

Why don’t we as hoteliers create  our seasons ?Why don’t we make all seasons a high season?or in other words why don’t we create one time profitable season ? especially that seasons model isn’t always profitable, isn’t it?!


The objective of this blog is to delete types of seasons and create only one season that is a profitable season at all time frames.The goal of this new business model for hotels and accommodations is to profitably operate all the time and to create a solid position that withstand  in a dynamic international market. So in this blog  I will write some tips and moves to achieve this model. More information will be in my coming webinar that will provide you  with a Profitable Comprehensive Business Model for Hotels .

Lets start with some moves and tips like:-  

  • ♦ Diversify types of accommodations at your hotel ;

It shouldn’t only be few days or you shouldn’t have another type of hotel for an extended stay.And I know that many hotels try to apply that but still not in the right method with the right services ,privileges and prices. Instead at the same hotel provide diversified types of  accommodations for; microstays-extended stay- short stay- medical stay-fun and educational stay. Investigate  the reasons behind your customers stay and excel there. So it will help you in crafting not only special offers but in designing and providing exceptional service. Also to dedicate rooms for them with great strategic competitive offers.

♦ Diversify your NICHE audience and destinations locally and globally.

As a hotelier you should work on this strategy all the year and by targeting your diversified niches all together . Like work on targeting older people with people who quit smoking and couples celebrating their anniversaries …. Ofcourse, with designing very much smart and competitive offers and packages that are transparent with no hidden expenses.In this area you can be very creative to attract different types of customers from different destinations.

Below I will put for you some ideas that will help your hotel broaden its niche streams, it will also showcase some caring and social responsibility  and at the same time increase the hotel exposure.

  • Followers on our social media.
  • The most follower who makes likes.
  • People with disabilities.
  • It could be women lawyers or week of lawyers from all over the world.
  • Influencers in your targeted societies.
  • Students excelling in their grades at schools for local people.
  • Hotel and Travel Bloggers.
  • Chocolate lover…
  • Family nights …
  • Golf players… 
  • Chess players…


No need to remind you that when crafting the offers, prepare new  activities and communicate this in the offer, in your ads and on the hotel’s website.

Partner with financing companies;     banks locally and internationally and even digitally so you will delete the need of disposable income in order to travel .This will help you in the  offerings you make so guests can pay the bank in one year or less as an example…And the same with airlines .  

The choice of partnership or agreements depends on your plan and strategy of targeting. MAKE it end-to- end,  simple effortless hospitality experience.

♦ Partner with beauty ,tech, men clothing, entertainment companies to prepare your gifts for the guests. How awesome it will be for a  potential woman guest that she will get a package from lancome. Or for millenials samsung latest phone when they stay at your  hotel and make the booking from your website.    

  • ♦ Use all means of communications  ( calling , social media groups and ads , Hotel website , ….). 
  • ♦ Sending messages directly on people whatsapp through agreements with telecommunications companies in the targeted countries.
  • ♦Create whatsapp or viber broadcast lists  for potential and repeated  customers then broadcast them with your offers according to interests, behaviors and demographics.

Use what I mentioned in my previous blog about creating ads and optimizing on the strength of direct booking.

Always and at all time frames make live chat available and easy (simple and quick to reach) through whatsapp number , Hotels website , app…

♦ Send people through broadcast lists messages from different types like;

  • Make Videos on rooms that are in your offerings to them.
  • Create Pictures, more and more short videos on amenities and other facilities or trips that you will provide in packages.But please stop delivering old idea messages like a pool with playing kids or someone swimming there or for bringing a reputable chef   it’s really boring and you are making no discretionary .You need to create posts, images , videos that magnet people .That would urge them to come to your hotel for at least one night.
  • Send unique messages to your broadcast lists and place it on your site such as “ send us your needs, interests ,your capabilities of money and time and we will craft an offer for you”…This message has a special touch on increasing number of customers and repeating them . Ofcourse, this message can be written in other words that are more attracting to reach different types of prospects…And there are always more and more tactics, actions,moves,strategies to increase occupancy at all time frames…In my coming webinar I will be providing some secrets on achieving and maintaining Profitable season.The idea as I mentioned early in this blog is to create one profitable season at all time frames. Change the rule of the game …Create your own way..
    Let’s remove the state of declining demand or low season or even shoulder season. It’s only One season that is a Profitable season for all types of hotel and resorts .

    Inject a new type of management in your hotel and boost your Hotel  Performance Results  

    by contacting me Dr.Salam Amin on my whatsapp:  +962795116324    or via email :  .


How to Beat OTAs & Increase Hotel Revenues?

How to Beat OTAs  & Increase Hotel Revenues?

OTAs are continuously recreating and restructuring themselves either by acquisitions or broadening their services or both.They are increasing their international market share and so shrinking hotels revenues.They are now even trying to control your hotel inventory by providing distribution and marketing tech.


But, that’s not because they are smart and successful at what they do but because hotels of all types that are suffering from their diminishing market share and profits are not playing right in the market and definitely not moving strategically with all the effort that should be done to beat OTAs…


In this blog I will be providing you with some actions to help you as hotels of any kind or size to conquer OTAs competition. But the full information will be in my coming WEBINAR.


Below I will write for you a variety of actions that will attract lookers and then convert  lookers into bookers.


  • The first action is maneuvering : Spread the minimum number of rooms to be located on important OTAs that target your audience       (because you don’t need to locate yourself on any  random OTA) . But before that make sure to appear on the OTAs first page by paying the commission they ask for even if it is costly for you as a hotel. I know you will say what the hell is she saying ???she wants us to pay OTAs even more …Remember I said choose or locate the minimum number of rooms and the idea here is to attract potential guests attention through OTAs sites .Because most and more than 82% of  people who visit OTAs will go and visit the hotel websites when their offerings and prices that are located on OTAs  are suitable for them .And this is what we exactly want to get them to do to visit your hotel website. From there you have to gain their absolute attention and make them book directly by having a perpetual smartly designed website.


In order to make your  hotel website attractive , so useful and most of all of great value to your potential guests  make sure to :

  • Place the offers that are on OTAs on your hotel website ofcourse with the same price on OTA due to rate parity agreement but with  additional or FREE amenities or offerings when booked directly;  like free dinner or enjoying a  massage for free…etc.And ofcourse insert the button book now and between brackets ( it’s Secure, easy and quick).
  • Provide a 15 seconds video for the room and the amenities the guests will enjoy  and this is also for the sake of increasing the time  on your  hotel site.
  • Place in a clear message that bookings are commission free and Secure .
  • Ease the process of booking as much as you can make it clear and transparent with no hidden or surprising fees. And easy to navigate.
  • Use SEO  but that’s not all , use SEM( search engine marketing ) for your website .
  • Place reviews of your hotel from OTAs on your website.
  • Make sure that the download time of your hotel website is not more than 3- 5 seconds.
  • Mobile – optimized.
  • Provide  virtual tour for your hotel and play visual stories.
  • Provide unique captivating packages on your site especially for  older people , honeymoon , anniversaries, special occasions, business  events,…
  • High quality images.
  • Always and continuously update your website & social media content.


To have more  detailed information on optimizing hotel websites wait for my  coming webinar .


  • Secondly : Locate your hotel on google business listing.
  • Thirdly : Make sure that your hotel is on Hotel & Travel Search engines.
  • Fourthly: Use pinterest business account , create your profile on Google plus ,sign in  for google places listings and don’t forget to benefit from foursquare for business .
  • Fifthly :Use Proof to increase your website conversions.
  • Sixthly:  **Ads ** ads for your website , offerings, packages, story videos that brings guests emotions into play and ads for your hotel app. The ads that are beneficial to use if promoted correctly and designed with knowledge to target audience like:
  • facebook ads try to make them through power editor .
  • Instagram ads is another powerful tool.
  • linkedin ads especially if you wanted to target business events or professional people who take decisions and influence them.
  • Its so important to use bing ads and yahoo ads and GEMINI they drive proven results also.


These six actions or tactics are just a small part from a comprehensive process that should be applied towards achieving desired results like restoring your hotel market share locally and internationally and increasing it and your revenues. Also alot of actions can be taken to abandon at some point the use of OTAs, which I will be explaining  extensively in my coming webinar.


At the end of this blog I would like to remind you to paying a great attention to detail and content in your website and social media channels .Ask yourself  as a person of interest or in charge what type of customers or potential guests am I targeting? so, What content should I use , Where to locate it  and  each detail? when to locate it? .Pay attention to details like using science of colors .Again make sure that you are crafting and using  solid content ,thus weak ,random content or let me call it bad un knowledgeable content will throw  blocks on your road to success and I can see alot of this type of content on various hotels sites and social media channels.


Please keep in mind that you are always welcome to contact me via:


لماذا الحوكمة ليست هي الخيار الأمثل لاستمرار بقاء الشركات العائلية في الخليج ؟ وما هي الحلول؟

لماذا الحوكمة ليست هي الخيار الأمثل لاستمرار بقاء الشركات العائلية في الخليج ؟ وما هي الحلول؟

كلنا نعرف مدى أهمية وتأثير الشركات العائلية في الخليج على الاقتصاد الوطني وبالتالي أهمية بقاء واستمرار هذه الشركات أمر وموضوع يجب معالجته بشكل جذري حتى لا تتعرض اقتصاديات دول الخليج لخسائر ومشاكل يمكن تجنبها

ولكن المشكلة تكمن في أنه مازالت الجهود المبذولة والحلول المطروحة حتى الآن لا تضمن لهذه الشركات الاستمرار أو اذا استمرت فلن يكون لوقت طويل.
وحتى لا أطيل عليكم سأذكر لكم سريعا وباختصار الحلول التي تم طرحها حتى الآن

تحويل الشركات العائلية الى شركات مساهمة عامة. ولكن هناك كثير من الشركات التي رفضت ذلك حفاظا على هويتها وارثها التاريخي .
الحوكمة الرشيدة.
تشريعات لدعم استدامة الشركات العائلية .
التحول الى مجموعة عائلية .
وجود مكتب للعائلة .
وضع دستور للعائلة .
اقامة أفضل هيكل ملكية مناسب .
فصل مجلس الادارة عن الادارة التنفيذية .
الانتقال المبكر للسلطة .
استقطاب خبراء لادارة الشركة .
فصل الادارة عن الملكية.
لجنة اصلاح ذات البين .
باب التخارج.
ميثاق الشركات العائلية.
توسيع قاعدة ملكية الشركات العائلية .
اتفاقيات نظامية .
صياغة ثقافة مؤسسية جديدة.
هيئة استشارية عليا.
تحويلها الى شركات مساهمة مغلقة

انشاء محكمة استشارية

قد تنجح هذه الحلول لبعض الوقت فأنا لن الغي فاعليتها ومدى نجاحها ولكني أسميه بالنجاح المؤقت الذي قد يضع الشركة العائلية في غيابة الجب مع أول ريح عاتية

حتى بوجود المؤسس الاصلي للشركة وبسبب الاطماع وأحقية الخلافة وحب الهيمنة والنفوذ تبدأ النزاعات واللجوء للقضاء وأحيانا التزويروغيرها من الامور التي قد تهدد أو تنهي وجود الشركة العائلية في فترة زمنية قصيرة وبالتالي تتسبب في كارثة اقتصادية

لذلك مقالتي هذه تضع حلا من أصل 3 حلول جوهرية قد توصلت اليها من أجل استمرارية الشركات العائلية سواء في حالة وجود المؤسس أو في حالة نزاعات الورثة . فالغرض والهدف هو حفظ حقوق ومصالح الجميع دون الاضرار بجهة على حساب الأخرى

والحل الذي سأذكره في هذه المقالة يهتم بموضوع الوقت؛ أي أن لا تتكبد الشركة العائلية ولا الدولة باقتصادها ومجتمعها خسائر هائلة بسبب فترة الخلافات العائلية سواء بوجود المؤسس أو غير ذلك

دور الدولة ؛ فالبرغم من التشريعات ووجود المجالس مثل مجلس الشركات العائلية لمجلس التعاون الخليجي أو الجمعية البحرينية للشركات العائلية الا أن هذا كله قدلا يمنع من انهيار بعض الشركات العائلية في وقت ما أو استحواذ الشركات العالمية عليها بسبب العولمة و مصالح هذه الشركات العائلية مع الشركات العالمية والتبادل التجاري بينهم .
لذلك أعزائي يكمن الحل من جزأين

الجزء الأول : هو دور الدولة و في وجود مستمر لها ودائم ليس فقط في مجلس الادارة بل في الادارات التنفيذية للشركة وبشكل يتم ترتيبه بما يتناسب مع الجهتين وهذا التمثيل يجب أن يتكون من ممثل قانوني الذي يجب أن يكون ملما ليس فقط في قوانين الاعمال المحلية بل والدولية لحفظ مصالح وحقو ق الشركة وخبير أعمال في مجال قطاع أعمال الشركة والاعمال الدولية.
هنالك فائدتين ومهمتين للدور الدولة هنا وهما : الحرص على المشاركة في تسيير أعمال الشركة العائلية بأحسن صورة تدعم فيها الدولة الشركة العائلية في نموها وتطورها وحماية مصالحها وبالتالي اقتصاد الدولة، أما الفائدة الثانية وهي دور رقابي في نفس الوقت يحمي أيضا مصالح الشركة والدولة في أثناء النزاعات.
فكما نعرف عند حصول النزاعات تبدأ الخسائر والديون بالظهور والازدياد .فتأتي الدولة لتسير الاعمال بما يحفظ مصالح جميع الاطراف حتى تستقر الأمور

الجزء الثاني من الحل : هو نظام خاص ومتطور واستراتيجي يتم تصميمه حسب ظروف كل شركة عائلية، ولكن هذا النظام في كل الشركات يجب أن يتمتع بالخصائص والمهام الاستراتيجية الآتية



الادارة والحكم
ويحتاج تطبيق هذا النظام الى شرح مفصل ودقيق حتى يتم تطبيقه بشكل يضمن نتائج ناجحة وفاعلة جدا على المدى القصير والبعيد جدا

وهذا النظام يضمن حل مشاكل الشركة الحالية و المستقبلية من ( الحفاظ على الهوية التاريخية للشركة ، مشاكل الورثة والارث ، الائتمان ، الادارة والملكية ، تعاقب الاجيال ،ادارتها عالميا ، الركود الاقتصادي ، التدفق النقدي ، المنافسة …).

وأخيرا أذكركم أعزائي أن هذا الحل هو أحد ثلاثة حلول توصلت اليها بعد عملي كمستشارة لعدد من الشركات العائلية وحضوري لعدد من الاجتماعات الخاصة بتلك الشركات ودراساتي المعمقة والتفصيلية للشركات العائلية ومشاكلها في مختلف دول العالم وخاصة الخليج ، لذلك أعزائي لا تترددوا في التواصل معي من أجل استمرارية شركاتكم العائلية وتعب وجهود سنوات العمر

Skype : Dr.Salam Amin

My Mobile : 00962795116324

The Most Important Positive and Negative Impacts  of Brexit on  European Market, GCC & MENA region.

The Most Important Positive and Negative Impacts  of Brexit on  European Market, GCC & MENA region.

A lot of debate, speculations and assumptions are still going on آ regarding the huge event of Brexit because of آ the uncertainty that covers its possible positive and negative implications on the آ global economy either directly or indirectly.

In this blog I will put آ to you the most important positive and negative impacts of Brexit on European the Market, GCC, Japan ,China & Mena region. I will also put some quick tips for businesses to help them move forward.

Some countries will enjoy the positive effects of آ Brexit while others will fear the threatening challenges that might emerge and tackle their interests as a result of آ Brexit. Well, at least this is what many think of.

In my opinion as a Turnaround specialist and strategic business advisor, آ Britain  decision to enjoy an autonomy over its economy can be turned around آ for each business sector even for each company or corporate آ to benefit from for their own good despite level of Brexit impact on their location and economy.Definitely , we can’t deny some negative effects but still with smart and strategic restructuring and Turnaround moves آ each business sector, company , MNC or corporate can diminish the side effects and maximize the positive ones of Brexit.

Note: At the end of this blog I will be giving some tips for businesses to overcome financial and economic issues as a result of Brexit.

I First put to you first beneficial links about Brexit Hidden Opportunities and Threats :

Brexit and The EU Market:

Brexit Impact on the MENA آ region & GCC.

Brexit and Japan

Brexit and China

Hopefully, I saved you some time putting some major آ beneficial links for you to recap the potential effects of Brexit on different regions. But I also would like to mention some quick tips for every business owner and every person responsible for running a business of any kind and sector, and these are:

  • Broaden your thoughts and strategies and think out side the box to get advantage from Brexit impact and to turn negative effects to positive effects.

  • Re-build and restructure your business platforms and profits approaches…

  • Conduct new -creative types of arrangements, agreements ,cooperations and partnerships to gain new type of privileges that would offset any losses or disadvantages resulting from Brexit.

  • Expand into new lines of Business…Its a great Opportunity.

  • Laser -Focus and think of the unexpected implications of Brexit and start preparing …

  • Shift and Diversify your Business Focus.

Business success and sustainability needs smart آ work and actions despite circumstances and national or global events…So let me آ share and boost your آ business success, and please don’t  hesitate to contact me Dr.Salam Amin .

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Why Some Managers and Executives Hesitate to ask for Our services?



Why Some Managers and Executives Hesitate to  ask for Our services?   In this blog I am not going to tell you here are the services that I  Dr.Salam Amin the founder of SOS Your Business will provide you or here is what SOS Your Business offers.But what I look for always is how to impact businesses and how to  add Value to our customers and to our prospects who are seeking business help.In this blog I will manifest our business actions towards achieving  business long-term sustainability.Also I will mention TWO  highly important Notes  regarding our Services….

** Please wait for our coming strategic blogs regarding Walmart , Amazon, and Uber….

In SOS Your Business we look at what matters to our customers ? what are their challenges & fears? What are their needs? And we provide, achieve and conquer them using creative and sustainable methods , techniques and solutions…


In other words, SOSYourBusiness-Dr.Salam Amin  aims at impacting and moving every business forward associated with strong immune system against economic financial fluctuations. And this was proved with our previous success stories which seemed in many cases to be  hopeless cases or extremely hard to transform their unpleasant results to pleasant ones.


Now lets mention the two important Notes about Dr.Salam Amin Services ; The first Note is:


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Keep in mind that any company or business that ask for our services will not be a reason to kick out the CEO or any of the key people who handles running the company or in charge of its operations. BUT,we will be your strong supporter as a manager, executive , as an organizaton leader , corporate executive director , or as a General manager. I am  your solid pillar that will work hand by hand with you to support your business and move it forward  to nourish and expand ,to overcome your business challenges whether you are an  organization , holdings ,university, hotel , governmental organization, ministry, NGO  , resort  , or in various types of sector or industry  like retail sector,  car industry , Malls, Product based businesses, services based businesses…..


The Second Note : Dr.Salam Amin Services are aligned and tailored  to match your business needs and to achieve your business desires especially as a business owner and as board of directors. Thus, you can ask for  Dr.Salam Amin’s  services  in many different ways like:

  • One- Mission Services : ( One time Contract ) in which you are looking for external help  and you want to outsource,  this type of service is for solving a specific problem or to help  you with a specific mission for a limited time like planning your business expansion and designing all the necessary methods , tools , tactics, strategies , plans, procedures…or for figuring out new creative solutions to boost your revenues and Profits, or take your business out of a bankruptcy situation, market penetration ,or handle for you a merger or acquisition , divestiture , amalgamation process ,reorganize your logistics, restructure your supply chain.Or you are asking Dr.Salam here to know  why and what’s  wrong with your company ,organisation, production process , decreasing customers ,visitors, guests, clients and weak performance results .

So this type of our services is crafted according to your type of need and objectives especially if they are temporary.


  • Long-Time-Contract : in this type of services you are asking us to be your Private Business Advisor , Your Private Business Consultant , part of your company board of directors or management Team ,or lead your business and enhance its life and existence.To be laser focused , to pierce  and to expect the unexpected  for the sake of taking  all the necessary steps , actions …to back up your business  and to prevent it  to be in crisis mode .

Simply here when you ask for this type of service you are doing two things : the first is protecting your business from being open and exposed to risks and crisis.The second is continuously maintaining the progress and success of your business and its increasing sales , revenues, and profits…


At the end of this blog please remember that Dr.Salam Amin Services are customized to achieve your goals and objectives.And that SOS Your Business will always be working by your side supporting and assisting your business not take your place .


Always ask for our services and honor us to share you your business worries, problems, challenges ,ambitions and desired destinations. Where ever your business is located in Europe , MENA region , Australia , Africa….. Let’s enjoy the success together. Call us!!!


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Best 7 sectors For Investing…

 Best 7  sectors  For Investing…

The Reason I am writing this blog is because I am always asked this question by Investors : What is the best Sector to invest in?

In this blog I WILL  answer the above question, but first I would like to  notify every investor about some strategic Considerations to be attentive to …

I need from every investor to ask himself/herself the following questions before choosing the best sector to invest in. Thus, these questions will clarify and help you as an investor to take the right and best decision for maximizing your returns.

And these questions are :

♦Ask yourself : what type of investor am I? Am I a patient long term Investor or not ??? Am I a Risk taker Investor ??

♦Is it my first time to invest in something or in any type of sector ,,or is it a new sector for me to invest in ?am I confident and aware of the investments that I’ll go for, did I gather all the information I need and that supports my investment success.

Ofcourse, I encourage going beyond the known and expected  to new type of investments and be brave enough to do so , because if you don’t you might risk what you have and in other cases you will lose opportunities,  especially in our global markets.

♦Why I want to invest in the first place ; my objective; is it just profits or are you also looking forward to make something positive for society and humanity?

ً♦Who will be in charge for my investments ? is it me mainly? Do I have the qualified team to professionally  handle my investments before starting , within or in process  and after the investments and projects are activated…

♦Am I prepared with all the plans ( futuristic, tactical, operational, contingency ) strategies, tactics , procedures,proactive and reactive actions and teams to ensure efficient continuity of my  investment.

♦How will I withstand and distinguish my investments from others.

♦Are you Realistic with your numbers and expectations ???Don’t be Over -optimistic nor Over pessimistic.

♦Am I going through a certain investment on my own or do I have partners? And How essential those partners to my investment?

♦What are my capabilities for investing like  ( resources; intellectual capital ,financial and non-financial capital )?

In addition to the above questions I want every investor to keep in mind 2 important points:

♠The first one is : Even if your feasiblity study sounds positive and encouraging DO NOT OVERLOOK  things; don’t rely on this positivity but expect the unexpected and prepare for it.

♠Secondly:  no matter how bad or good the economic situation is,  you can and you should turnaround the event or  situation for your own good. Take the good and advantage from every situation. Remember you can do it if you want .

The main idea here is to be comprhensive in every detail and always be updated with The News and events that might by any way affect your investments and at the same time how you can get the best out of them.

Lets come to the main purpose of this blog ; The Best 7 sectors to invest in :

♥Inventions….¸for more Information Contact us.

♥Specific types of Raw Materials & Trading…

Health Care …this sector rather than being so   profitable in almost every country and at different time frames all over the globe it adds  value to the society and the investor himself.

♥Education Sector; its like the above sector in adding value , socially responsible one , and so profitable ; its profits  and revenues are quickly attained .

♥Hospitality; a sector that if investments were made in it associated with excellent choice of country, type of hospitality investment ,well managed and developed….. will generate a huge amount of cash flow and great profits.

♥Aviation Sector…..For Consultations.

♥Creative Technology Sector…..Contact  me Dr.Salam Amin.

These are extremely profitable sectors if undertaken by Professional people Advise and Management, especially in our highly competitive and changing world with lots of surprising events. But don’t worry SOSYourBusiness is your Success Agent.

Please don’t Hesitate to Contact us

سبعة حقائق تمنع النجاح والتفوق في الحياة

سبعة حقائق تمنع  النجاح والتفوق في الحياة

أعزائي في مقالتي هذه التي أكتبها من واقع خبرتي العملية عن النجاح لن تقرأ عن الحوافز أو الدوافع وعدم وجودها أو عدم رغبتك الشديدة  في تحقيق نجاحك في الحياة  ولن أقول لك  تخيل , اجذب , ضع خطة , انتبه وراعي أولوياتك وغيرها من الامور التي سمعناها وقرأناها كثيرا منها ما هو صحيح ودقيق جدا ومنها لا يعد أكثر من خرافات تضعنا في عالم من الأوهام والافتراضات التي تبعدنا عن تحقيق ما نود تحقيقه من نجاحات وتقدم في حياتنا .بل  في هذا المقال سأخط اليكم سبعة  حقائق تمنع النجاح والتفوق في الحياة ،خاصة وأن معظمنا  يمارسها على اختلاف ثقافاتنا وأعراقنا ودياناتنا فاما  تأخر أو تعيق البعض منا ولكن  في كثير من الأحيان تمنع عنا النجاح في الحياة في أي مجال والى أجل غير مسمى 

اليكم أعزائي  السبع 7 حقائق التي تمنع عنكم النجاح والتي قد يدرك البعض مدى السوء والأثر السلبي على حياته والبعض الآخر لا يدرك بتاتا ذلك السوء والأثر بالغ السلبية على حياته …اليكم أحبتي السبع حقائق :-

الحقيقة الأولى :  يسكننا الكثير الكثير من المعتقدات و الافكار الخاطئة وخاصة في عالمنا العربي وفي دول الشرق الأوسط والتي قد سمعتها من الكثيرين والتي يعلقون عليها تأخر نجاحاتهم وهي           (أنا محسود ،أنا مسحور ، أنا سيئ الحظ ، ….) وبحجة أن البعض من تلك الحجج ورد ذكره في القرآن وفي غيره من الكتب السماوية …لا لا يا أحبتي  لا حسد و لا سحر و لا الحظ له علاقة بتحقيق ما تود تحقيقه من نجاحات، فلم تذكر كتبنا السماوية أن تلك الأمورتمنع عنك النجاح كما أن الله عز وجل ضمن  لكل انسان مهما كان أصله ومنبته وديانته  وعرقه الحفظ من كل سوء والدلائل على ذلك كثيرة من  القرآن :

                         – (وان عليكم لحافظين)_ الانفطار :10.

                        – (له معقبات من بين يديه ومن خلفه يحفظونه بأمر الله )_ سورة الرعد:الآية 11.

فكيف لنا أن نعظم ونخاف من أشياء و أمور قد كفل لنا الله الحفظ منها !!!

وأما عن الحظ السيء يا أحبتي فهو فقط عذر الجاهل الضعيف المتقاعس الذي يبحث عن المزيد من الأعذار ليبرر أمام المجتمع سبب ضعفه…فالحظ والسعادة تأتي بالعمل الدؤوب والسعي والمحاولات والتجريب والبحث المتواصل عن كل ما يجعلك تصل الى نجاحاتك .

ومن المعتقدات والأفكار الخاطئة أيضا أن القوانين و الوضع الاقتصادي و غيرها من الاعذار التي لن تصل بك الى شيء غير المزيد والمزيد من الضعف والهوان….فلماذا غيرك ينجح بالرغم من كل شيء ؟؟؟؟بل ويعلم كيف يستفيد من القوانين والاحوال الاقتصادية الصعبة وغيرها !!!هذا لأنه استمر في البحث والسعي وايجاد الطرق والوسائل والحلول التي تمكنه من النجاح في كل وقت وبالرغم من أي ظرف و لأنه قرر عدم السماح بأي حجة أو عذر من منعه من تحقيق كل نجاح أراد. نعم هنالك صعوبات بالتأكيد والنجاح لا يأتي بسهولة ولأي شخص يتمناه ، بل للشخص الفعال الذي يقوم بكل جهد ويبحث عن كل سبيل وطريقة  يوصله الى النجاح الذي يريد مهما كثرت العثرات والمعوقات .

الحقيقة الثانية : ترك الآخرين ليرسموا لك الطريق ؛ فطريق نجاحك هو مهمتك أنت وحدك وأنت وحدك الذي تعرف بالضبط ما تريد وكيف تريد . بالطبع هنا لا أعني أن لا نستشير من هم حولنا أو من يهمهم أمرنا ولكن فقط استشارة اذا كانت تساعدك في الوصول الى نجاحاتك وأهدافك في الحياة تأخذ بها وغير ذلك فأنت مهندس حياتك ومستقبلك وليس أحدا سواك ، لأنك أدرى الناس بنفسك.

  • الحقيقة الثالثة : عدم الاحاطة الكافية بالامور وعدم بذل الجهد الكافي والتدريب وأن تعلّم نفسك ليس بالضرورة أن تنتظر الغير ليقوم بتعليمك  ؛ فمثلا اذا أردت أن تصبح أفضل مبرمج عليك أن تتعلم بنفسك كل ما له علاقة بالبرمجة والبرمجيات من علوم وتدرب نفسك وتقرأ ما عند الآخرين وتمارس باستمرار وتسعى لأن تخترع لا فقط أن تبتكر  ، أي عليك أن تبذل الجهد لكي تحيط احاطة شاملة  بكل ما يوصلك الى هدفك أو طموحك بل ويجعلك  تتقن أكثر من غيرك فتتميز عن غيرك  . طبعا ذلك ينطبق على كل الاشخاص مهما كانت أعمارهم فقط ابدأ وأيضا في مختلف المجالات فمثلا هنالك عجوز تبلغ من العمر86 عاما تتقن رياضة الجمباز ( تمتعوا بمشاهدتها ).

  • الحقيقة الرابعة : ارادتك ؛ فقط واجه نفسك هل فعلا تريد ذلك الأمر أم لا ؟؟ فتأكد اذا كنت حقا تريده فلن تتقاعس ولن تتأخر وستصبر وستتخطى الصعاب لأنك تريده أم أن هناك نجاح في مجال آخر هو الذي تريد ؟. فالنجاح لكل شخص يختلف عن الآخر . فالنجاح الذي فعلا تريده ستصل اليه بالرغم من كل الصعوبات والمواقف ….

  • الحقيقة الخامسة : الاهتمام بما يقولون ؛ اذا أردت في مسيرة نجاحك أن تهتم بما يقوله لك الغير من أنك تستطيع أو لا وهذا ممكن وهذا مستحيل وغيرها من الكلمات فهنا عذرا ولكنك أصبحت عبدا لكلمات البشر ورغباتهم وأصبحوا هم من يقودون حياتك ولست أنت !!!

  • الحقيقة السادسة :عدم الصبر على العقبات والمعوقات ؛ فهل تظن أن طريق النجاح سهلا ؟! فللنجاح عظمة لا يُتوَج بها  الا من يستحقها !!!

  • الحقيقة السابعة : الراحة ؛ تخلى عن الكثير الكثير من راحتك والامور التي تبعدك عن نجاحاتك.

وفي الختام  يا أعزائي خلقنا الله لنحياة حياة طيبة مليئة بالنجاحات والسعادة ولكن دورنا نحن في أن نثابر من أجل تلك الحياة الطيبة فلن يحظى بها الانسان البليد البائس اليائس ، ولكن سيتمتع بها كل من تحرك وأخطأ وأصاب وبذل من وقته وجهده وعواطفه وطاقاته وماله وسعى في مناكبها.  فالخيار فقط  لك ولكي ! اما حياتا طيبة واما حياة بائسة كلها تمنيات وأمنيات فارغة ومليئة بالبؤس والأعذار ، القرار قرارك ومفتاح حياتك بيدك !

                                                                                          أسأل الله لي ولكم النجاحات المتوالية

               د. سلام أمين