How to Successfully Setup a New Mall ?

Nowadays malls and shopping centers need a meticulous and strong foundations to put in place to guarantee a healthy strong and prosperous existence and continuity.

In this article I will provide you with only 6 main critical foundations to consider when setting up your new mall.

1- The Mall Structure : it’s never like before and neither its about the WOW leisure parks or any other amazing design or feature.But, its about the new structure and infrastructure of the new malls that should in advance be thought of to embrace new technology, new features related to artificial intelligence and also flexibility in some areas of the mall where you can make and adapt changes according to services provided with no need to conduct the old way of rebuilding and re-modelling spaces .

2- Knowledge : the knowledge of people who will construct the new mall, should have different type of knowledge and experience from what they studied in schools and universities and from what they experienced…They should be highly educated and updated with new materials , technologies, designs, needs and information and how things should be successfully implemented ….that should be part of the new mall before any tenant could even step in the mall.They should be knowledgeable of the fastest and most efficient ways that the mall can be build in, with the most easiest navigation interface in every area of it like parking, entrances and exits…

3-Niche focused : Conduct a deep thoughtful research of your targeted audience and think of niche areas where there are unsatisfied needs or un-targeted customers, extend your area of focus where you can attract more people.

4-Keep an eye on the surrounding before and until the mall is ready for tenants and any remarkable changes or radical ones that might occur. Because this should lead your mall management team to conduct necessary changes accordingly in order to make sure that the mall will operate successfully and profitably.

5-Make sure to get engaged with the locals and build a relationship with them in which you can understand the area better and utilize the information in shaping the types and variety of goods and services that will be provided and in your marketing efforts .You will also understand what type of effort you will need and for how long to attract people to visit and buy from your mall.

6-Prepare and conduct strong strategic business agreements with companies globally and nationally to enhance your mall operations . Like agreements with telecommunication companies , with the government, with technological companies, with even bloggers and influencers.

These 6 foundations are critical in our current era that totally and radically differ from any other era with its rapid technological shifts and with its wide changing consumers preferences . So, make sure you consider them, and still there are much more esssential foundations and strategies on how to successfully setup a mall or a shopping center and what can you as a business owner do to thrive and power its future success.

To know more and help you enhance and thrive your mall , contact me at or Skype : Dr.Salam Amin .

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