Why Your Marketing Efforts & Campaigns Fail ?

This article is for entrepreneurs, business owners, small businesses, medium sized businesses and even large Companies.

In this article I will manifest why many marketing campaigns fail and all the money and efforts put into it are gone with the wind.

It’s really frustrating, money and time consuming to achieve no results .Not only that, but also it could be very negative ones, especially when your targeted audience shift to your rivals.

After a deep experience with many of my clients from different industries across the world and after a thorough research , I found that the different causes harboring failing marketing campaigns are :

1- The Language of your advertisements does not tackle or incentivize prospects to take action. For example there is a book titled Business outsourcing and another one titled 4 hours a week (join the new rich), which do you think generated higher sales ??? ofcourse, the second one because it ignites person’s emotions of financial freedom and independence ….So mind the language of your advertisements.

2- The Language of your advertisements isn’t clear to your target audience. It doesn’t speak their language. For example if you see an ad that says book through an OTA and get 5% or book through our loyalty program and get 10% discount on your hotel booking. Now what does OTA mean for your targets? it’s vague.They probably or the majority will not understand that its an acronym to online travel agencies like booking.com or agoda.com….

Another bad un-clear language like when you use mega-pixels instead of saying how the resolution degree that the mobile camera provides to photos taken . So make sure that the language you use is clear and from the customer perspective not yours.

3- Another cause is that your advertisements doesn’t communicate the benefits of obtaining your product or service. Or it doesn’t reflect the true value it provides and the different experience your prospects will enjoy when buying your product or service .One more thing that might harm your marketing campaign is that you do not explain the negative consequences of not buying your products and services.

4-Bad timings and platforms; sometimes you think that this is the right time or platform based on statistics and some experts views , while the right thing to do is to try different times and keep on testing times and platforms. Because remember sometimes your targets are not the decision makers . And this leads to place your advertisement at different times and platforms .

5- Your advertisements is just a copy and paste from a competitor that already has a loyal audience and that’s give the impression that you do not have a real value or something useful and different to provide!

6- Most marketers when forming their advertisement messages they do not offer specific benefits to a specific product or service , but they offer a set of solutions for a commodity which is a costly mistake.

These 6 causes that I found was common among failing marketing campaigns online and offline.So, please read them again and again and make sure that you review your advertisements and conduct all the amendments needed to achieve your desired results.

And if you have any causes that might help in taking proactive actions so as not to slip in the mode of frustrations and losses due to failing marketing campaigns please share it here in the comments , o everyone would benefit.

Please keep in mind that you are always welcome to consult me to help you take your business to a higher level of performance .

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