What are Your Increasing Revenues Hiding ?

Many CEOs and business owners find their companies near a bankrupt crisis, despite their increasing revenues and high net profits.

Why this case happens to many businesses? Its definitely not a sudden event. It’s an accumulation of periods of wrong financial and organizational acts.

To clarify things for you , I will manifest what you consider a satisfying revenues that increase year by year might be hiding that would get your business into a deep financial crisis or even a bankruptcy situation.

Positive Revenues and even Net Profits are simply just numbers that do not reflect nor encompass the following values :

1- The value of the Accounts receivable.

2- The value of the Accounts Payable.

3- Your Operating Cash Flow.

4-Profit margins and if they are y going up or down .

Maybe you owe supplier, or there is un-collected cash, or you made investments like you paid for buying inventory or a land or factory or you are expanding locally or globally.

So always make sure to investigate numbers, do not take numbers as they are , because each number might be hiding some issues that you should know. In many cases they might be masky numbers. that you should protect your business by removing this mask, to uncover the real cash that you have ,and act as quick as possible to workout issues before they escalate to reach a point that would make it harder and harder to solve.

To protect your business ,thrive it , and to investigate the real reasons behind their numbers and your business overall performance , contact me now at Dr.salamamin@yahoo.com or via Skype : Dr.Salam Amin.

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