How Can Governments Guarantee a Successful Turnaround to Any of Their Sectors ?

Turnarounds are of GREAT importance for everyone not just for governments, but Why ?!

Let’s start by understanding what does a turnaround mean? A Turnaround is simply to turnaround from a position to another one or from a certain status to another that is supposed to be better if implemented proficiently .

A turnaround can be applied on a personal basis, community basis, or micro or macro basis…

Why implement it ?In our case since we are talking about sectors in any country, A Turnaround is implemented in order to change un-desired situation to a desired one , to move forward with the economy and nation to a better position .

What might happen if a turnaround wasn’t conducted ? Things will get worse, because not implementing a turnaround means that you prefer stability and stability leads to negative implications because everything around is changing and moving and in a fast pace, so being stable and not making necessary turnaround moves will put you in an unhappy situation that will get worse by time.

There is a false understanding that a turnaround is simply implemented by cutting costs or taxes , laying off employees, embracing technology or automating processes , maybe doing some merging in departments and so on…Which might give you a temporary relief but definitely things will end up worse than before, because this is not a healthy and a successful turnaround, those I call them just a calming moves to buy you sometime.

In this article I will provide you with 10 Actions to implement in order to guarantee a successful Turnaround for any of your government sectors, Let’s take the Tourism Sector as an example :

1- Encompass every aspect , stream, product, service and line that has to do with direct connection and strong impact with the tourism sector and should be put under the umbrella of Tourism Sector. The tourism sector encompasses ; Accommodation Providers like ( hotels, resorts, motels, hostels, vacation rentals and time shares,Boutique hotels, serviced apartments…) Alternative Accommodation Providers like Airbnb , Restaurants , Tourism Locations , Traveling , inbound and outbound tourism, also one of the important things that maybe overlooked or is held accountable by other sector although it should be under the responsibilities of the tourism industry is the aesthetic view of the country and cleaness of the country,the availability of certain products especially those local unique or handmade products production and uniqueness of local products, licences, tour operators, ….So, its not only about properties and physical locations but also about responsibilities, services and enhancements ….

2- Onsite and Offsite; there should be offsite and on site locations to easy access them for the case of performing and any transactions or connections with the governmental sector. And I mean by that if I want to take a certain license for a new property related to the tourism sector I will only have have to go to one building and complete all the transaction from there and the same thing regarding the online existence, if I am a foreigner or a even a citizen abroad and I want to conduct a transaction or make an investment or make a tourist visit , I will find all of this under one online highly easy to use platform….Of course, this might include more than that to enhance the effectiveness and aim of the process.Just be Smart and Creative!

3- Do field work to look beyond things and try to have a comprehensive updated idea on what needs to be done and how things can be utilized to its ultimate use.

4- Open a communication channel on different dimensions from the governmental side, community , people of interest, locals, employees to inform, answer inquires, and to assure the effectiveness and efficiency of the process.

5- The Turnaround process should include governmental people, from the private sector, employees from different organizations related to the turnaround sector,people from different part of the community , people whom are living in the tourists areas, people of influence in the society, and a Turnaround professional to guide and direct the whole implementation of the Turnaround process.This will help in many ways especially in easing the execution process and removing any blocks.

6- Teach and Explain to employees and people about how change will impact them positively , correct false understandings for them, teach them how services and products can be used and utilized, how the change is for them and the country not against them.

7- Conduct a continuous review and update for the process by people whom will be assigned for that mission.

8- Dedicate people for resolving any ambiguities or issues that come up through the way.

9-Make corrections instantly and figure out solutions and alternatives.

10- The LAST but NOT the least and one of the most important actions to take care of is to CREATE A BALANCE between sector streams sides and aspects ; don’t prefer or provide more and better privileges for example to the private corporates better than those for the governmental organizations….

Finally, the turnaround process is absolutely critical to conduct to move forward towards thriving the governmental economic sectors for any nation if executed proficiently. And to ensure that please contact me Now via Skype at : Dr.Salam Amin or via Email : .

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