How does SOSYOURBUSINESS Provide Training Services?


How does SOS YOUR BUSINESS Provide Training Services?

Our training services are customized and specialized for client performance goals and expectations.Our services are provided in several forms and methods ; in groups , one-to-one , virtually – online  or physically ( in organization location), and by using various tools and applications include Training seminars, Coaching and Mentoring development  workshop…

Some of our training courses that we provide are:

–       Business Turnaround Course – Level 1 (( It includes practical training regarding issues likeTurning  your business setback into a successful comeback , Secrets of successful Business Turnaround Implementation., Turnaround Strategic Tactics., Turnaround Obstacles and Overcoming them …)).

–       Managing Business Crisis .

–       Business Exit Strategies.

–       Proactive & Reactive Management Tactics & Strategies.

–       Actions for Successful Change Management.

–       indepth Organizational Planning.

–       Project Management Essentials.

–       Communication Strategies.

–       Team Building & Management.

–       Competitive advantage & Business sustainability.

–       Priorities Planning.

–       Smart Leadership methods and solutions.

–       Other….

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