Saving a Mall in the Gulf Area from Business Crisis by Dr. Salam Amin.

The 3 main reasons that the Mall client faced Corporate Distress were

– fierce competition from multiple shopping retailers,

– emergence of online shopping

– out of city area distance from regular pedestrian traffic. These circumstances could have led to a commercial collapse. This mall was plagued with many empty shops as a result of low occupancy of retailers. With marginal sales, the revenue stream was severely distressed.

My job as the professional Business Solution Provider was to attract more retailers and shoppers by using both the physical and digital marketing strategic tools to generate more income and revenue streams that would boost the commercial and financial status of the mall.

With the volume of shoppers only visiting on weekends, there were many obstacles to overcome. Because of high pricing among the few retailers, poor merchandising and product variety, the shoppers were not spending their money. The lack of brand, product, merchandising and distribution channels to provide shoppers with a good buying experience made it impossible to stave off competition from other thriving and more successfully managed mall operators in the area.

Various tactical and strategic measures were deployed to revive and restructure the mall to attract retailers of different niche service and product operations.

I developed a focused strategy toincrease the influx of shoppers from within the city, country and the neighboring countries.

Unoccupied shops were replaced with the following:

A. 6 Medical Clinics; with one of them offering family and marriage consultation services.
B. 1 Travel Agency

C. Spa and Beauty Centre.

D. 12 Companies from different industrial sector (technology, trading, hospitality, events management, education…)

Retail occupants were given generous incentives like:

§ Additional free 3 months on their rental contracts and marketing support strategies from the mall management office.

§ A dedicated large place for hosting events (business, educational, medical, governmental…) , summits, exhibitions and conferences.

§ Hosting of celebrities to enjoy the different facilities in the mall and posting of pictures on social media platforms.

§ Gamification strategy for shoppers

§ Use of social media marketing to promote events.

§ Use of voting polls to get feedback.

§ Shopper rewards by featuring their pictures in front of their favorite shops.

§ Giving out coupons with exciting discounts

I developed an aggressive social media advertising campaign with the following account portals




Partnerships were established including a major relationship with


These are just a few of the steps and business strategies that were launched during the Mall Business Turnaround campaign.

Through these efforts and with results driven management performance working coordination, there was a successful impact on the mall, and the operations showed marked gains in revenue and profits.

The mall was revitalized from the prospect of dire failure. Sales activity boomed within a short time frame.

Business setbacks should not be looked at with a hopeless disposition Businesses must take timely action so that they do not face challenging and difficult business interruptions that will impede a successful business comeback.

I  Dr. Salam Amin enjoy turning business setbacks to business sustainable comebacks.
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***Note: The names of the organizations are withheld due to

proprietary confidentiality agreements.

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