A Failing Local Newspaper is Restructured and Achieves a Successful Turnaround

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weekly newspaper in the Middle East was suffering from rapidly dwindling sales and had just reached the limit to lay off a large portion of the staff. The company’s losses were so great, they couldn’t see any alternative but to downsize, and none of the managers could offer any other viable short-term solution.

The reasons for poor management were:
Insufficient professional knowledge to deal with changes occurring in the newspaper industry
No constructive ideas were defined to reinvent the newspaper and to meet the world’s ever changing demands
No digital marketing strategies.
Absence of a digital online presence with optimized website circulation chanels, social media channels to augment the print copy circulation
Work Process Strategies for the Newspaper Turnaround included:

Comprehensive Market Research:

-Evaluated and assessed rival markets, specifically those newspapers with the highest subscriptions, screened audience demographics and readership habits, and determined what were the deficiencies and also what the critical findings were to get immediate results

Streamlined Reader Experience

-Revised the outdated format and layout to a more modern, contemporary and visual modern style

This was a radical facelift to a previously outdated and unappealing style

Improved and enhanced the digital landscape

-Hired web experts, social media and content creation talents to implement the digital tools and resources for optimum functionality

Conducted negotiations with all investor parties to reach desired goals

-Developed new business relationships between several different companies, institutions, hotels, Travel agencies, and hospitals with promotion incentives using some of the following tactics:

We offered:
4 months of subscription for free
Free section to share social community problems
Free advertisement once a month
VIP coupons with up to a 50% discount in multiple places like cinemas, restaurants, publications for long subscriptions and regular ones
Improved Coverage social events and local elections and community social engagement
Partnered with Comscore for cross media measurement; for more details please click on this link http://www.comscore.com/ .
Business Turnaround Results achieved
Streamlined web and digital presence to optimization and online efficiency

The newspaper printed copy
Increased sales and distribution
Increased publishing from once a week to 3 times each week
Increased Online readership and subscribers also continue to rise.

A Failing Local Newspaper is Restructured and Achieves a Successful Turnaround
The newspaper future plan is to partner with Arc Publishing Technology http://www.businessinsider.com/the-washington-post-is-growing-its-arc-publishing-business.
Business Turnaround Process is challenging but its worth it!

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