Successful Hotel Turnaround Strategy Abates Imminent Sale

I Dr.Salam Amin Save a Four Stars Hotel in Turkey from Sale

I had just recently met with the owner of a popular, Four Stars tourist retreat who was, despite all efforts, facing dire losses. Steep competition and the ever growing amount of competition had taken away revenue streams from his business. After talking with him, I told him according to my perspective as a Business Turnaround Specialist that the true cause of the business distress wasn’t only market competition. I advised him on what strategies were necessary for the hotel to be restructured and presented a plan to overcome the prevailing financial hardship.

After a highly meticulous and comprehensive assessment , I identified various reasons behind the hotel’s financial distress. In particular, -Poor Customer Service- was most evident as a major contributor to the failing corporate performance. This is a costly mistake that destroys business momentum , even without the presence of any sort of market competition. Other significant low performance factors were in the areas of – limited food variety – lack of quality assurance – inefficient and delayed Check-In -Out processes, which made a negative impact on the customers and clients first impressions.

The fact that there was only one restaurant in the hotel, resulted in slow room service at all times. There were few entertainment events. There were no hospitality practices to ensure customer satisfaction. The interior decor needed to be changed in order to give the atmosphere a sense of vitality.

As a result of the above assessment, I formulated a series of strategic actions.

Action 1. The first step, was to stabalize the hotel’s finances. Made cost cutting changes by restructuring the credit portfolio and eliminating costs for non essential expenditures

Action 2. Rebranding the Hotel starting with the modernization and decorative appeal of external visual appearances

Action 3. Improved and implemented standardized quality assurance applications and methodologies from the kitchen, i.e food and beverage, to dedicated trainings in customer service and hospitality engagement

The set of radical changes and moves I conducted were many. Here are some actions and strategies that were performed.

● An in depth intensified training course for all staff members dealing with varying areas of specializations, in order to boost customer service and pamper the guests from the minute they make a reservation until they leave . This enhanced customer focus service created the sense of loyalty needed to maintain a revolving customer base.

● Rescheduling hotel’s debt obligations with a revamping and turning around hotel’s operating strategies, policies , management, and system.

● Contacted previous unhappy guests and invited them back to experience the hotel again by offering highly rewarding gifts of up to 3 nights free. The mission helped to convert strained allegiance to loyal return customers. Our goal was to gain happy and regular customers with newer, more positive reviews.

● A major transformation was needed in catering, in both the food quality and its variety. The hotel offered especially healthy food choices for diabetics and guests with other ailments.

● A fundamental upgrade in the online presence was needed, The Hotel website was redesigned and a better user experience created more demand. The digital online marketing presence was revamped. With the improved booking access potential clients were able to access a more efficient process to make their hotel searches and decision to select this destination.

As a result hotel vacancy slots diminished, new occupancy bookings maintained a steady rate even during low seasons, yhe new online site strengthened the hotel’s profile with travel site portals like Tripadvisor,,,, and The hotel’s website and social media interactions were boosted with increased site traffic and search engine optimization.

● Data analytics determined that clients segmentation and demographics were under represented. We designed and offered Incentives with new customized packages for business people; for conference and meeting activities summits, and various business meetings , special offers for couples, such as memory events for anniversaries, social events , receptions of different kinds ,

● A massive architectural alteration. Exterior andinterior design upgrades were done to modernize and enhance the spacial aesthetics of the building

These business restructure and reorganization modifications along with advanced initiatives promoted an efficient turnaround from debt to surplus. The four stars hotel underwent a radical spin from recession status to being able to repay all debts within a structured financial workout agreement.

The hotel achieved an all time high usage occupancy. Guest ratings went from low to highly satisfied for most seasons, and more internet traffic brought more clients, which increased the bottom line

Hotels are a place of short stay for guests, which means a short time to impress on them a remarkable and memorable experience. When people think of hotel stays, they should be reminded of the positive experiences that were offered to them during their stay.

Turning a bad business into a great one, is hard. It takes a lot of time and can be expensive. But the long term benefits by far outweigh any possible challenges ahead. In the long haul, it’s just worth it. It is also critical to have the knowledge, expertise and professional talents that will guide your business to a successful turnaround and recovery

So my advice to any business owner, would be instead of throwing up your arms in despair, instead refocus your efforts. With a proper business plan, market research and planning, success isn’t just a pipe dream. Although it won’t be an easy mission, remedy, repair and restructure are worth it!

I was lucky enough to be at the forefront of this Business Turnaround.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact SOSYOURBUSINESS, SO I Dr. Salam Amin COULD  lead you out of business distress or help you boost, develop and strengthen your market position.

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A Failing Local Newspaper is Restructured and Achieves a Successful Turnaround

I Dr. Salam Amin provide a blueprint for Business success with practical actions to develop and save your business when facing corporate crisis or economic disaster

weekly newspaper in the Middle East was suffering from rapidly dwindling sales and had just reached the limit to lay off a large portion of the staff. The company’s losses were so great, they couldn’t see any alternative but to downsize, and none of the managers could offer any other viable short-term solution.

The reasons for poor management were:
Insufficient professional knowledge to deal with changes occurring in the newspaper industry
No constructive ideas were defined to reinvent the newspaper and to meet the world’s ever changing demands
No digital marketing strategies.
Absence of a digital online presence with optimized website circulation chanels, social media channels to augment the print copy circulation
Work Process Strategies for the Newspaper Turnaround included:

Comprehensive Market Research:

-Evaluated and assessed rival markets, specifically those newspapers with the highest subscriptions, screened audience demographics and readership habits, and determined what were the deficiencies and also what the critical findings were to get immediate results

Streamlined Reader Experience

-Revised the outdated format and layout to a more modern, contemporary and visual modern style

This was a radical facelift to a previously outdated and unappealing style

Improved and enhanced the digital landscape

-Hired web experts, social media and content creation talents to implement the digital tools and resources for optimum functionality

Conducted negotiations with all investor parties to reach desired goals

-Developed new business relationships between several different companies, institutions, hotels, Travel agencies, and hospitals with promotion incentives using some of the following tactics:

We offered:
4 months of subscription for free
Free section to share social community problems
Free advertisement once a month
VIP coupons with up to a 50% discount in multiple places like cinemas, restaurants, publications for long subscriptions and regular ones
Improved Coverage social events and local elections and community social engagement
Partnered with Comscore for cross media measurement; for more details please click on this link .
Business Turnaround Results achieved
Streamlined web and digital presence to optimization and online efficiency

The newspaper printed copy
Increased sales and distribution
Increased publishing from once a week to 3 times each week
Increased Online readership and subscribers also continue to rise.

A Failing Local Newspaper is Restructured and Achieves a Successful Turnaround
The newspaper future plan is to partner with Arc Publishing Technology
Business Turnaround Process is challenging but its worth it!

Please don’t let your financial troubles hamper your business future sustainability. I am available to provide Training, Management Consulting, Business Turnaround Plan and Actions, and most importantly, Save Your Business. Contact me Dr.Salam Amin for your immediate review, assessment and Next Steps.

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Saving a Mall in the Gulf Area from Business Crisis by Dr. Salam Amin.

The 3 main reasons that the Mall client faced Corporate Distress were

– fierce competition from multiple shopping retailers,

– emergence of online shopping

– out of city area distance from regular pedestrian traffic. These circumstances could have led to a commercial collapse. This mall was plagued with many empty shops as a result of low occupancy of retailers. With marginal sales, the revenue stream was severely distressed.

My job as the professional Business Solution Provider was to attract more retailers and shoppers by using both the physical and digital marketing strategic tools to generate more income and revenue streams that would boost the commercial and financial status of the mall.

With the volume of shoppers only visiting on weekends, there were many obstacles to overcome. Because of high pricing among the few retailers, poor merchandising and product variety, the shoppers were not spending their money. The lack of brand, product, merchandising and distribution channels to provide shoppers with a good buying experience made it impossible to stave off competition from other thriving and more successfully managed mall operators in the area.

Various tactical and strategic measures were deployed to revive and restructure the mall to attract retailers of different niche service and product operations.

I developed a focused strategy toincrease the influx of shoppers from within the city, country and the neighboring countries.

Unoccupied shops were replaced with the following:

A. 6 Medical Clinics; with one of them offering family and marriage consultation services.
B. 1 Travel Agency

C. Spa and Beauty Centre.

D. 12 Companies from different industrial sector (technology, trading, hospitality, events management, education…)

Retail occupants were given generous incentives like:

§ Additional free 3 months on their rental contracts and marketing support strategies from the mall management office.

§ A dedicated large place for hosting events (business, educational, medical, governmental…) , summits, exhibitions and conferences.

§ Hosting of celebrities to enjoy the different facilities in the mall and posting of pictures on social media platforms.

§ Gamification strategy for shoppers

§ Use of social media marketing to promote events.

§ Use of voting polls to get feedback.

§ Shopper rewards by featuring their pictures in front of their favorite shops.

§ Giving out coupons with exciting discounts

I developed an aggressive social media advertising campaign with the following account portals




Partnerships were established including a major relationship with


These are just a few of the steps and business strategies that were launched during the Mall Business Turnaround campaign.

Through these efforts and with results driven management performance working coordination, there was a successful impact on the mall, and the operations showed marked gains in revenue and profits.

The mall was revitalized from the prospect of dire failure. Sales activity boomed within a short time frame.

Business setbacks should not be looked at with a hopeless disposition Businesses must take timely action so that they do not face challenging and difficult business interruptions that will impede a successful business comeback.

I  Dr. Salam Amin enjoy turning business setbacks to business sustainable comebacks.
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A Successful Restaurant Restructure and Turnaround by Dr. Salam Amin

Another Business Turnaround Trip of Success, But this time in Egypt!

The restaurant chain located in Egypt, comprised of 8 locations in the country, in which two of them had been performing poorly due to bad locations and management. The others were better but still in weak condition. It was just 3 months before the tourist rush season when I was awarded the daunting task to turn the chain around.

There were many crippling indicators that pointed out the causes and effects for vanishing prosperity and destined failure with the restaurant chain in Egypt. Among the most obvious problems with the business operations were the effects of indiscriminate cost-savings on a limited budget. For example, poor quality in the restaurant services, food and hospitality that squeezed the traffic streams in customer base expansion, growth, and loyalty.

To save the Restaurant chain, financial losses needed to be stabilized by closing two of the lower performing locations. The remaining 6 locations received a huge performance boost based mainly on a segmented and C.C.S ( Customized Customer Service) approach. The operating branches were restructured and transformed to serve different types of customers based on a thorough strategic evaluation of each branch location and a determination based on the demographics and target niche of the types of customers that they served.

Each branch was allocated to serve local customer interests.

The customer base segments were: -Students, Luxury Customers, Children, To Go Branch, Couples , Oriental Customers. Stores were redesigned with customized layouts Inventory preparation techniques were presented with transparency and visual authenticity. We improved decors and introduced all the update tools and machinery. Dated equipment was modernized and made available for each branch to function effectively and efficiently.

My focus was to deliver an exceptional experience in each branch to gain repeat customers, and provide an enhanced consumer experience, which would in turn result in a higher customer retention, repeat customer attrition, and more customer volume turnout rate.

Some of the tactics I used for example in the Students’ branch involved having randomly chosen table selections for usage during the early morning from 7-9a.m. Since these were non-busy hours, the student populations were given an incentive to occupy the empty tables for their study, or group connections, and this improved the traffic flow and brought in sales during a time period which was not previously profitable. Another one of the tactics I used for the luxury customer branches was to offer every table after ordering; a sample of a unique high cost dish as a complimentary tasting. It really was a successful tactic. It urged potential customers to sample featured menu attractions. Additionally, it served to help make customers feel important, pampered and exclusively catered to.

In the customer dining engagement improvement approach, we applied focused efforts from the very beginning of their dining experience, as in; from the time of making a reservation, to ask questions about dietary preferences , allergies and seating preferences. It improved customer building relationship as it showed an interest in the customer as an individual.

Even servers were encouraged to engage with their table guests, to ask if they needed to be reminded of any timed appointments so they can alert them when the time windows were approaching. This was an improved personalized service opportunity to enhance the customer dining experience. Introducing digital ordering capabilities and providing multiple choices for electronic payment options helped with differentiating the quality and standards from the other restaurant venues and locations

I regularly identified and utilized business improvement alternatives, employed new tactics , promoted incentives and campaign offers each week for all branches to enrich restaurant services and ingrain customer loyalty advancement. I combined strong leadership with marketing and digital activities to outperform not only in high season but even in low season periods.

The restaurants’ turnaround outcomes were immensely rewarding. In the busy times, sales increased almost 50 percent, while even slow periods, the actual average profit margins were bettered by 33 percent

My expansion plan included an increase in the number of the branches inside Egypt and the opening new restaurant venues in other countries like Morocco .

For businesses to succeed they have to constantly re-evaluate their performance, expectations and outlook in order to survive the ever-changing economic conditions and reinvent themselves or adjust accordingly. And this is what I DO. I find a way to help your business achieve sustainability and profitable continuity. So please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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