What business weight loss means and implies

Your Business is Losing Weight? Well, this is a Really Bad Sign!
We all wish to lose weight

and be in a good shape for the sake of being healthy and Looking Great, which is absolutely a positive thing. On the contrary, it’s a negative thing for your business!! Your business will lose its Agility and Good Appeal. In other words it will not be a healthy business. And its continuity is doubted.

In this blog I will explain what business weight loss means and implies.  I will also  you with some mindful tips and advice  to be vigilant about and immediately respond to in case if you realize signs of distress a little bit late. Or, in the case of  a proactive  response where you recognize bad signs of possible distress early.
When your business loses weight it means Sales are decreasing, Clients are shifting to rival companies, you see a reduction of Asset value, revenues & profits are dwindling

….and other performance results  signs continue to ripple. Let’s not forget here that these are just late signs of weight Loss (Underperforming Business).

When a business underperforms in our current era, its velocity would be, in many cases, acute enough to head the business toward bankruptcy …
To be more centric here let’s take it from two perspectives; The first one, in the case of late recognition of bad signs, you must be responsive. In this case, take smart, strategic actions.. For example, if you are selling products (electronics, cosmetics, clothes…) look for niches in different places or regions and from different backgrounds and demographics. You can also add value to your products or explain some essential benefits that your current customers and prospects are not aware of. You need to be very smart and strategic when you do this because when you do it correctly, it has immediate, positive implications on sales and revenue. Of course, these are just quick,  instant actions to refine the situation , but it’s not enough!!!
The second perspective is being proactive by working ahead through thorough multi- oriented operational actions. In this situation, the company or organization widens its resources, experts, niches, as well as its strategic, precise, innovative, continuous developments, and continues being a creative visionary, acting accordingly….
Choices to save and create a robust market positions for your business are infinite… It is good to mention here  don’t ignore any sign, don’t be overly optimistic and don’t wait for things to happen but, instead, create them; create your business circumstances…Don’t wait for your business to lose its weight and get out of market …!  
Remember that I Dr. Salam Amin  ready to  help you overcome your unhappy business situation and turn it around to a pleasant, healthy situation and solid market Position.
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