Top 5 Mistakes Hoteliers Continue to Make in 2018…

Hoteliers are still operating the same old ways despite implementing some changes to the hotels they are running.

What used to work previously and continued to generate cash for us as hoteliers and business owners in any field will not continue to do the same in our new world , as a matter of fact it could cause businesses to shutdown.

I am not talking here about embracing new technology to personalize the customer experience as many hoteliers and hotel companies do with some other changes that might make things better and generate more cash but just for certain amount of time.

I am talking about mistakes that many hoteliers still do not realize that they are even mistakes in our current era !

In this article I will only state 5 mistakes and some quick tips and hints on how to correct them.

And these 5 mistakes are :

1- Seasons : still accommodation providers of different kinds and levels are operating according to seasons forms; low season , shoulder season , high season , slow season….We have to understand that we people created the seasons thing and we are capable of changing it .

And there is no need for us to wait for the industry as a whole to change it, but each hotel owner and manager can change this fact and start restructuring their strategies to operate in high occupancy rates all the year. And I provided some guidelines in this article but if you need thorough blueprint or consultation on how to conduct all year profitable occupancy strategy contact me through email

2- Accommodations Durations : 24 hours accommodation ; hotels should change the time frame of accommodation they are providing. There are wide variety of travelers types and needs that produces the need to change this old way of accommodation times frames. Like why don’t we provide different forms of durations beyond being limited to 24 hours time frame and at attracting rates . And this can be applied at different stars level. I know some started doing so but still they are not bold at conducting this type of strategy.

3- Accommodations types; at the same hotel you can provide different types of accommodations by dedicating some rooms for that . For example each hotel can deliver homier experience at different rates and in a more modernized way, you will also even beat Airbnb at this point .Of course there are other types of accommodations to think of changing and gain new and repeated customers.

4-Check-in-out : Hotels and resorts are still doing it the same way with some shy differences that are given to guests as a privilege . You can be as a hotelier very flexible in this option in different forms and gain the deep customer satisfaction. Do it without extra money if you can ! Prepare your strategies and some rooms for that …….

5-In-House Activities : Hotels are so boring in this aspect , its almost the same activities and at the same time frames.Its either a musical show at the lobby or beach party, or some comedy show here or there within specific time frame…. But don’t you think you should go beyond that and create new types of activities for the new types of travelers and at totally new time frames?!

These are just five mistakes out of many mistakes that hoteliers continue to make .If hoteliers start correcting these mistakes they will start welcoming more of new guests and an increase in the repeated guests and they will also minimize cancellation rates.

At the end you will gain and increase your guests satisfaction and Profits. And if you are looking to massively increase both please feel free to contact me via email or skype : Dr.Salam Amin .

The 7 Real & Major Reasons Behind Dead Malls.

Dead Malls are increasing in many countries across the globe. And many of mall owners claim that it is due to 3 main reasons: Online Retail, Competition, and recession.Which I totally do not agree with.

Malls struggle, suffer and get distressed or even die but not because of online shopping that makes only 6% or 10% or let’s say 15% of the retail sales but because they already have mismanagement actions and bad customer experience that pushed shoppers to favor the online shopping option. And if you are convinced that online shopping is one reason for dead malls then why Amazon opened its brick-and-mortar shop?!

Same issue with competition; you as a mall owner had unsatisfied customers for a reason or another like limited variety of goods and services available at your mall, outdated mall, expensive merchandise, low quality, mall overall environment is not appealing anymore….and many causes that caused your mall visitors’ to be eager for another alternative.

Regarding a Recession reason that business owners claim to have an extreme negative impact that would cause their malls to shutdown is in most cases not true.Yes, a recession could cause your mall to suffer , could cause some losses, or it will cause some losses, but this will only and mostly happen for a short period of time and it shouldn’t cause your mall to shutdown it’s doors or go bankrupt. This reflects that your mall already wasn’t in a strong financial position or it wasn’t operating profitably.

In this article I will highlight the 7 real reasons behind dead malls even the ones who enjoyed Success for a decade . And these reasons many mall owners do not realize that they are major and can get their malls to be abandoned and then to be dead malls.

Reason #1 : Tenant Contracts; they are long and expensive or short and also expensive with tight benefits.There is no flexibility and creativity in types of contracts.

Reason #2 : Data & Research : there is no sufficient research and effective data analysis that would power mall owners to be proactive and prepare them selves by implementing changes to cope with the potential future changes instead of being reactive . And here reactive might be so expensive because it might be too late or hard to react.

Reason #3: Most of dead malls were relying on some anchors, who for a reason or another had to leave the mall causing great losses for mall owners and a difficulty in replacing them.Well, mall owners should stop depending on them and should substitute type of tenants to dedicate for example some spaces for the owners themselves for short leases to professional service providers or business people like entrepreneurs or web developers or business centers or unique type of leisure places that visitors would like to enjoy every day. Use your creativity…the idea is to keep spaces by mall owners and utilize them with multiple short business agreements for a great flexible income stream and to target and attract new type of mall visitors.

Reason #4 : Old way of operating : hours of operating like same time and duration of working hours.Provide wide range of services at different time frames.

Reason #5: Targeting one type of segment or demographics. Diversify withing some range or niche of audience but don’t stick only to luxury people or high income ones nor encompass the majority just be strategic and expand within a niche…

Reason #6 : NO Balance; like there is no balance in products and services provided and no balance between the types of tenants and anchors….

Reason #7 : Copy and Paste : and I call some malls like that because they are actually a copy and paste either from other nearby malls or the main branded mall in its country of origin. Neglecting differences of culture major needs and preferences and other demographics claiming that nearby malls or our malls are successful. So, they will also be successful in any other location too.

So dead malls are dead for other reasons, other than online shopping, competition, recession or even fast fashion or outlet malls . They are dead because of these 7 critical reasons that get them to die very quickly.

If you have any other un-common reasons for dead malls then please share it. Thank you .

Don’t forget that you are always absolutely welcome to contact me to move forward with your business.The earlier the better and the faster to achieve great results. or via skype : Dr.Salam Amin.

How to Thrive Your Shopping Center ?

Shopping Centers opening rate is more than the closure rate, but the idea is not in having more shopping centers with amazing facilities and by adding luxury stores or fancy restaurants nor by a great amusement park. Because these actions might only help in surviving your shopping center or mall and gaining profits for some time but definitely will not thrive it.

This article is dedicated to all mall and shopping centers owners .

To thrive a shopping center or a mall, you as a mall owner or an investment group should implement these 9 actions. And they are :

1- Incorporate new type of management Acts; like the management responsibility is not just to fill mall vacant spaces with giant anchors with the highest possible leasing rate.But, the new management type should incorporate one that encompasses all the means and tools of boosting the performance of all the tenants in the mall. By preparing and forming professional teams for marketing , promotion….In addition to preparing all platforms and tools to help the teams with their missions.

Another responsibility for this new type of management is to keep informed and notice which tenants are performing better than others why and when and act upon that. So, you as a shopping center owner won’t face the position of having two or three giant anchors leaving your mall in the same year, leaving your mall in an extremely bad situation that will get even worse when you find hard time to replace them.

2- Flexibility : Be as a Mall and shopping center owner flexible in your contracts with your tenants. And you also should be or dedicate some spaces for different types of purposes and that can be leased in different forms and at different times.Use your creativity here….Options are endless and so as revenues .

3- Picky : do not depend on wide variety of goods and services to offer for your visitors because this might not benefit your mall as expected but rather you should be picky in the types of goods and services you are providing depending on the type of your targeted audience and your current visitors and their behavior.

4- Always analyze not only shoppers needs and preferences but also your potential shoppers and your tenants!!!

5- On a continuous basis add and surprise your shoppers with new valuable services and options that match the findings you figured out from data analysis and from your search to changing needs and trends. DO Not be classic and boring here …But surprise your shoppers and attract new ones.Tackle their needs and sensations.

6- Always be attentive and keep moving and conduct changes in different areas in your mall . And I am not talking here about the aesthetic view of the mall, but in other strategic areas like types of events and when are they held, also about the type of services that can be provided at the mall, at different and various time frames, beyond your current and future shoppers expectations. Just, be aware of being outdated by being satisfied with your mall current foot traffic and revenues…

7- Continuously communicate the advantages, benefits, goods and services that your mall provide .Because remember repetition is important, and it will have its positive results on your mall traffic. Don’t just depend on communicating only offers or when have a new event at your mall.

8- Always make sure that your mall can be easily accessed and there is available transportation and at different rates and times . Yes, its your responsibility to enhance transportation options for your shoppers and mall visitors. Results are awesome !….

9- Proactive ; be proactive by being pierce and look and search deeply in every aspect and trend. Expect the unexpected and act upon that….

What I wrote in this article might seem to too many of you mall owners hard and time consuming. And you might even say that many of these aren’t within our responsibilities. That could be true but that’s also what caused many of your malls to suffer and struggle and get abandoned despite all your efforts.What I wrote isn’t easy and it is a tough mission but its definitely worth it. Your Rewards will be beyond your expectations!

For customized highly effective actions dedicated to thrive your shopping center , contact me now where ever you are . or via Skype : Dr.Salam Amin .

How to Successfully Setup a New Mall ?

Nowadays malls and shopping centers need a meticulous and strong foundations to put in place to guarantee a healthy strong and prosperous existence and continuity.

In this article I will provide you with only 6 main critical foundations to consider when setting up your new mall.

1- The Mall Structure : it’s never like before and neither its about the WOW leisure parks or any other amazing design or feature.But, its about the new structure and infrastructure of the new malls that should in advance be thought of to embrace new technology, new features related to artificial intelligence and also flexibility in some areas of the mall where you can make and adapt changes according to services provided with no need to conduct the old way of rebuilding and re-modelling spaces .

2- Knowledge : the knowledge of people who will construct the new mall, should have different type of knowledge and experience from what they studied in schools and universities and from what they experienced…They should be highly educated and updated with new materials , technologies, designs, needs and information and how things should be successfully implemented ….that should be part of the new mall before any tenant could even step in the mall.They should be knowledgeable of the fastest and most efficient ways that the mall can be build in, with the most easiest navigation interface in every area of it like parking, entrances and exits…

3-Niche focused : Conduct a deep thoughtful research of your targeted audience and think of niche areas where there are unsatisfied needs or un-targeted customers, extend your area of focus where you can attract more people.

4-Keep an eye on the surrounding before and until the mall is ready for tenants and any remarkable changes or radical ones that might occur. Because this should lead your mall management team to conduct necessary changes accordingly in order to make sure that the mall will operate successfully and profitably.

5-Make sure to get engaged with the locals and build a relationship with them in which you can understand the area better and utilize the information in shaping the types and variety of goods and services that will be provided and in your marketing efforts .You will also understand what type of effort you will need and for how long to attract people to visit and buy from your mall.

6-Prepare and conduct strong strategic business agreements with companies globally and nationally to enhance your mall operations . Like agreements with telecommunication companies , with the government, with technological companies, with even bloggers and influencers.

These 6 foundations are critical in our current era that totally and radically differ from any other era with its rapid technological shifts and with its wide changing consumers preferences . So, make sure you consider them, and still there are much more esssential foundations and strategies on how to successfully setup a mall or a shopping center and what can you as a business owner do to thrive and power its future success.

To know more and help you enhance and thrive your mall , contact me at or Skype : Dr.Salam Amin .

How Can Shopping Malls Outperform Online Sales ?

Online Shopping, online sales, e-commerce, and online retail are all same phenomenon that creates a challenge for shopping malls nowadays. And for some it is creating losses …

Although, it shouldn’t because there are lots of strategies and methods that the mall owner and management team can undertake to merge with the online world in an effective way that will generate them satisfying revenues and profits.

I am not talking here about just creating apps and websites just to create an online existence for your mall. But, I am talking about creating and implementing a set of actions, methods and strategies that would outperform online retail stores without competing with them.

In this articles I will provide you with 9 actions that will help you outperform online sales.

But, before starting with the actions , I would like to give you a valuable advice that will generate you great profits. And that is always provide value to customers and mall visitors in every aspect in your mall, and provide a special customer experience for them that it will make it hard for them to replace your mall or store by going to another mall or by satisfying their needs online.

The 9 important and results driven actions are :

1- Closely Engage with people through social media channels. Shopping centers have no reason to suffer from online retail, they will only suffer when they don’t take the right and proper constant effort to get connected with people through social media channels.You can attract them, impact them and collect a lot of information in which you can utilize for your future retail refinement process and offers.

2- Be niche focused and provide services in a unique differentiated way that can’t be bought online. Always ask your self as a mall owner or mall manager what service of value can I provide to my current mall customers and prospects that can’t be offered online or that I can provide in a more valuable attractive way.

3- Surprise and pamper your mall visitors, so they would love the specialty of the physical experience , which they can’t enjoy online.

4- Be generous and provide valuable gifts to your mall customers that would make them your repeated customers and who will always choose to buy from you over online stores.

5- Apply different online and offline attracting strategies. By providing for example very competitive rates for communal products and attractive rates for products or services that are only available in the mall.Or provide same prices but with extra loyal points and valuable gifts for buying from the store .There are too many strategies that can be applied to merge online and offline worlds.There is also a method that have been lately used a lot by shopping centers is to buy online and pick up from the store. Again its one way , but keep in mind that you shouldn’t rely on only one way, but rather you should apply different strategies at different times.

6- Constantly keep on communicating about the privileges that can be attained from buying offline in general, and about the privileges that your store or shopping center provide specifically.

7- Adopt smart mobile commerce platforms and tools .

8- Adopt high tech options like Apple’s beacon systems.

9- Constantly review your marketing campaigns and never stop them. And don’t forget to use marketing automation tools.

Outperforming online retail requires constant smart and hard work associated with effective online/offline strategies and high tech platforms. You can outperform and in a timely manner if you only deploy the right tools and resources for that.

Remember please that you have to customize your efforts to match each situation, targeted niche, location and circumstances. Do not apply globalization in everything .

Finally, methods, tools, strategies to outperform online sales are endless and vary. So, if you need me to provide you with more customized directives and strategies on how you can thrive your shopping center sales and profits in a timely manner, CONTACT me now. or via Skype : Dr.Salam Amin .

What are Your Increasing Revenues Hiding ?

Many CEOs and business owners find their companies near a bankrupt crisis, despite their increasing revenues and high net profits.

Why this case happens to many businesses? Its definitely not a sudden event. It’s an accumulation of periods of wrong financial and organizational acts.

To clarify things for you , I will manifest what you consider a satisfying revenues that increase year by year might be hiding that would get your business into a deep financial crisis or even a bankruptcy situation.

Positive Revenues and even Net Profits are simply just numbers that do not reflect nor encompass the following values :

1- The value of the Accounts receivable.

2- The value of the Accounts Payable.

3- Your Operating Cash Flow.

4-Profit margins and if they are y going up or down .

Maybe you owe supplier, or there is un-collected cash, or you made investments like you paid for buying inventory or a land or factory or you are expanding locally or globally.

So always make sure to investigate numbers, do not take numbers as they are , because each number might be hiding some issues that you should know. In many cases they might be masky numbers. that you should protect your business by removing this mask, to uncover the real cash that you have ,and act as quick as possible to workout issues before they escalate to reach a point that would make it harder and harder to solve.

To protect your business ,thrive it , and to investigate the real reasons behind their numbers and your business overall performance , contact me now at or via Skype : Dr.Salam Amin.

Why Your Marketing Efforts & Campaigns Fail ?

This article is for entrepreneurs, business owners, small businesses, medium sized businesses and even large Companies.

In this article I will manifest why many marketing campaigns fail and all the money and efforts put into it are gone with the wind.

It’s really frustrating, money and time consuming to achieve no results .Not only that, but also it could be very negative ones, especially when your targeted audience shift to your rivals.

After a deep experience with many of my clients from different industries across the world and after a thorough research , I found that the different causes harboring failing marketing campaigns are :

1- The Language of your advertisements does not tackle or incentivize prospects to take action. For example there is a book titled Business outsourcing and another one titled 4 hours a week (join the new rich), which do you think generated higher sales ??? ofcourse, the second one because it ignites person’s emotions of financial freedom and independence ….So mind the language of your advertisements.

2- The Language of your advertisements isn’t clear to your target audience. It doesn’t speak their language. For example if you see an ad that says book through an OTA and get 5% or book through our loyalty program and get 10% discount on your hotel booking. Now what does OTA mean for your targets? it’s vague.They probably or the majority will not understand that its an acronym to online travel agencies like or….

Another bad un-clear language like when you use mega-pixels instead of saying how the resolution degree that the mobile camera provides to photos taken . So make sure that the language you use is clear and from the customer perspective not yours.

3- Another cause is that your advertisements doesn’t communicate the benefits of obtaining your product or service. Or it doesn’t reflect the true value it provides and the different experience your prospects will enjoy when buying your product or service .One more thing that might harm your marketing campaign is that you do not explain the negative consequences of not buying your products and services.

4-Bad timings and platforms; sometimes you think that this is the right time or platform based on statistics and some experts views , while the right thing to do is to try different times and keep on testing times and platforms. Because remember sometimes your targets are not the decision makers . And this leads to place your advertisement at different times and platforms .

5- Your advertisements is just a copy and paste from a competitor that already has a loyal audience and that’s give the impression that you do not have a real value or something useful and different to provide!

6- Most marketers when forming their advertisement messages they do not offer specific benefits to a specific product or service , but they offer a set of solutions for a commodity which is a costly mistake.

These 6 causes that I found was common among failing marketing campaigns online and offline.So, please read them again and again and make sure that you review your advertisements and conduct all the amendments needed to achieve your desired results.

And if you have any causes that might help in taking proactive actions so as not to slip in the mode of frustrations and losses due to failing marketing campaigns please share it here in the comments , o everyone would benefit.

Please keep in mind that you are always welcome to consult me to help you take your business to a higher level of performance .

Contact me via email : or via Skype : Dr.Salam Amin.


One Great Way to Generate Exceptional Amount of Profits in any Business Industry…

Many businesses struggle to increase their profits or even to stay float.And this happens because of different reasons like competition, recession, new entrant , oil prices, and a breakthrough …..

While there are many businesses that do not suffer nor struggle to breakeven nor to increase their profits despite various circumstances that they might face or might occur.And this also happens for several reasons like they provide exceptional products and services and they are convenience, innovative, responsive, and high value products and services….But, still I found that many of these type of businesses have one important thing in common that makes them generate exceptional amount of profits and even provide higher rates than their rivals. It is that they target niche-based customers.

Niche based customers are a great resource for abundant profits .To know your niche target audience and start earning exceptional amounts of profits , answer these questions and then start acting upon them. The questions are :

1- Who are the customers that are not served by my competitors and I can serve them? You can think that they might not be served maybe because they are in distant places . Like people living in the suburbs and would like to go to college or would like to enjoy going daily to your gym or buying your security cameras or…..

2- Who are the customers that are served by other business entities and I can serve them better and even at a lower cost ? like money transfers can be done through western union or internet banking , or paypal or ….How can you serve people who are suffering using these methods and tools to transfer their money, maybe because of high transfer fees, or they are not available and easy to use by everyone due to restrictions imposed by these companies….

3- Who can buy our products and services , but its useless to them or it won’t be efficient to them maybe because of lack of good internet connection , water and electricity availability?

4- Who wants to enjoy using our products and services but can’t because there is no suitable offer for them or they can’t afford them ? and you as a business owner can make some changes that wont cost you much and enable you to serve them. Like entrepreneurs or business owners who want to travel for business or attend conferences but cant due to high you as a hotel or travel agency or airlines can conduct agreements with banks to serve this niche.

5- Who aren’t buying our products and services and are buying totally different types of products and services to solve their problems? Like for example in the medical industry people try to go to the organic products to solve their medical problems or to cure diseases.

The idea here is to keep asking your self how I can be niche focused , and most important here to diversify your portfolio of niches in order to maximize your profits.

If you want me to help you in identifying your portfolio of niches to earn exceptional profits, contact me now via email : or Skype : Dr.Salam Amin .

How Can Governments Guarantee a Successful Turnaround to Any of Their Sectors ?

Turnarounds are of GREAT importance for everyone not just for governments, but Why ?!

Let’s start by understanding what does a turnaround mean? A Turnaround is simply to turnaround from a position to another one or from a certain status to another that is supposed to be better if implemented proficiently .

A turnaround can be applied on a personal basis, community basis, or micro or macro basis…

Why implement it ?In our case since we are talking about sectors in any country, A Turnaround is implemented in order to change un-desired situation to a desired one , to move forward with the economy and nation to a better position .

What might happen if a turnaround wasn’t conducted ? Things will get worse, because not implementing a turnaround means that you prefer stability and stability leads to negative implications because everything around is changing and moving and in a fast pace, so being stable and not making necessary turnaround moves will put you in an unhappy situation that will get worse by time.

There is a false understanding that a turnaround is simply implemented by cutting costs or taxes , laying off employees, embracing technology or automating processes , maybe doing some merging in departments and so on…Which might give you a temporary relief but definitely things will end up worse than before, because this is not a healthy and a successful turnaround, those I call them just a calming moves to buy you sometime.

In this article I will provide you with 10 Actions to implement in order to guarantee a successful Turnaround for any of your government sectors, Let’s take the Tourism Sector as an example :

1- Encompass every aspect , stream, product, service and line that has to do with direct connection and strong impact with the tourism sector and should be put under the umbrella of Tourism Sector. The tourism sector encompasses ; Accommodation Providers like ( hotels, resorts, motels, hostels, vacation rentals and time shares,Boutique hotels, serviced apartments…) Alternative Accommodation Providers like Airbnb , Restaurants , Tourism Locations , Traveling , inbound and outbound tourism, also one of the important things that maybe overlooked or is held accountable by other sector although it should be under the responsibilities of the tourism industry is the aesthetic view of the country and cleaness of the country,the availability of certain products especially those local unique or handmade products production and uniqueness of local products, licences, tour operators, ….So, its not only about properties and physical locations but also about responsibilities, services and enhancements ….

2- Onsite and Offsite; there should be offsite and on site locations to easy access them for the case of performing and any transactions or connections with the governmental sector. And I mean by that if I want to take a certain license for a new property related to the tourism sector I will only have have to go to one building and complete all the transaction from there and the same thing regarding the online existence, if I am a foreigner or a even a citizen abroad and I want to conduct a transaction or make an investment or make a tourist visit , I will find all of this under one online highly easy to use platform….Of course, this might include more than that to enhance the effectiveness and aim of the process.Just be Smart and Creative!

3- Do field work to look beyond things and try to have a comprehensive updated idea on what needs to be done and how things can be utilized to its ultimate use.

4- Open a communication channel on different dimensions from the governmental side, community , people of interest, locals, employees to inform, answer inquires, and to assure the effectiveness and efficiency of the process.

5- The Turnaround process should include governmental people, from the private sector, employees from different organizations related to the turnaround sector,people from different part of the community , people whom are living in the tourists areas, people of influence in the society, and a Turnaround professional to guide and direct the whole implementation of the Turnaround process.This will help in many ways especially in easing the execution process and removing any blocks.

6- Teach and Explain to employees and people about how change will impact them positively , correct false understandings for them, teach them how services and products can be used and utilized, how the change is for them and the country not against them.

7- Conduct a continuous review and update for the process by people whom will be assigned for that mission.

8- Dedicate people for resolving any ambiguities or issues that come up through the way.

9-Make corrections instantly and figure out solutions and alternatives.

10- The LAST but NOT the least and one of the most important actions to take care of is to CREATE A BALANCE between sector streams sides and aspects ; don’t prefer or provide more and better privileges for example to the private corporates better than those for the governmental organizations….

Finally, the turnaround process is absolutely critical to conduct to move forward towards thriving the governmental economic sectors for any nation if executed proficiently. And to ensure that please contact me Now via Skype at : Dr.Salam Amin or via Email : .

6 Un-Common Successful Actions to Get out of Your Business Crisis .

Many businesses fail not because they are in a deep business crisis ,but because they mistakenly react to a business crisis and they lack the right knowledge to properly take the right action at the right time and by the right person .

In this article I will put 6 actions that will help any business in any field to react successfully to a business crisis and improve its capability of recovering.

The 6 Successful Practical Actions are :

1- If you are a large business or company or even a small one as a CEO or a business owner quickly speak to the public or contact your customers directly or via your most frequent platform that your customers are used to hear from you through it.

Communicate to them a message that embraces the following ideas that you will figure out what happened quickly and investigate it, you will compensate them in away or another, or explain if you know the reasons what happened and why it happened and that you will solve things in a timely manner …….The idea here is that to appear to the public at the very beginning so prove your caring about your customers and stop speculations and fake news and other issues by explaining what happened even if you did something wrong confess it and apologize for that and try to compensate if possible because that will increase your authenticity and credibility.

2-Dedicate people to answer and communicate with customers and help them according to the type of crisis if needed through all possible platforms .This will have a great positive impact of minimizing the stress and will enhance your business reputation .

3-Shift your business model towards adding real value to your customers and not from the perspective that I want to beat other market competitors. And you can do this shift with redirecting and utilizing your current resources and capabilities. To help you implement a correct efficient shift ask your management team these questions :

-How can we provide real value with our current resources or capabilities ?

-What customers can we serve that are not served from other competitors yet with our current resources or capabilities ?

– How much time do we need to start on serving our current and new customers and thus generating revenues and profits ?

Don’t do the type of shift like blackberry did but be value focused ,you will be amazed with results that you can get in a timely manner when you do this by leveraging your current resources, you might even not need to ask for funding or loans and this is what you should always do. A successful example of what I am talking about is Marvel Comics company or IBM.

4- Quickly turn your eyes towards your strongest foundation and power which is your people ask them for solutions and suggestions, you will get shocked! Sometimes they know the business better than you do and they can really provide you with applicable solutions to get out of your crisis status.They might provide you with quick cash flow solutions.

5-Conduct quickly smart strategic partnerships or agreements exchanging and leveraging each others resources and sharing profits;it could be mission or project based partnerships or alliances, they can be temporarily.

6- Instead of going after aggressive marketing that most of the times fail, you can do one or both of these options according to your business type and size : The first option is to market through influencers targeting your customers and this is easy nowadays especially with the existence of social media platforms. The second option : is to contact some of your target customers and let them try your products and services and then record their views to publicize via press or social media platforms.

Finally, instead of thinking of taking loans , selling your business ,aggressive marketing or unwise re-modelling , or laying- off people, or shutting down your stores think of implementing these 6 actions .

Every business can be saved no matter how tough the situation might look like .As much as there could be obstacles and difficulties, there are enhancements and efficient ways to solve problems especially in our current era.

If your business is suffering and are in the middle of a crisis or close to shutdown your doors Contact me as soon as Possible via email or Skype: Dr.Salam Amin .